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One focus of the B&B-AGEMA services is laid on the modern design of turbomachinery, which includes aerodynamics as well as mechanical and structural design. B&B-AGEMA offers its engineering services and expert knowledge for design, calculation and improvement of

  • compressors
  • turbines
  • expanders
  • turbochargers
  • pumps

and other kind of turbomachinery in radial stage or axial stage configurations.

The services include the full aerodynamic design, i.e. the geometry of profiles, bladings and flow ducts, as well as complex 3-D aerodynamics and multi-stage interaction. Based on modern CFD simulation software the aerodynamic losses are reduced and the configurations are optimized.

Other services deal with the mechanical strength and the dynamics. Mechanical stress calculation and design optimization are provided for blade roots, disks, casings and other mechanical parts.

Aerodynamic design of axial compressors is performed by application of the B&B-AGEMA software ACF.