Heat & Power Generation

Heat & Power Generation

Thermal processes play an important role within the power generation industry. For many applications in the industry and private sector a flexible and sufficient supply of power, i.e. electricity and heat, is mandatory. Thermal power plants have the ability to fulfil these needs. Within the context of carbon-neutral power generation, thermal power plants offer a great opportunity by application of carbon-free fuels, e.g. Hydrogen, or carbon-neutral renewable fuels, e.g. biofuels. Thus, thermal power plants remain an indispensable technology for a reliable supply of heat and electricity also in the future carbon-neutral supply scenarios.

Rotating machinery as gas turbines and steam turbines remain the core technology part in thermal power plants. The design and analysis of these rotating machinery and their major components is one main competence of B&B-AGEMA, including the decades of industrial experience of our experts. The development of a new combustion technology for Hydrogen-rich fuels or even pure Hydrogen in gas turbines is one of our many success stories. B&B-AGEMA has also highest international reputation for its successes in development of new cooling technologies applied in highest-efficient gas turbines. Furthermore, designs of high-performance blading in steam turbines as well as long-life thermomechanical solutions for hot turbine parts have been achieved in numerous industrial projects.

Gas Turbines

Steam Turbines

Combustion Technology

Besides its competence for the rotating equipment, B&B-AGEMA is also a specialist for simulation and analysis of all major power plant components and parts within the thermal cycle. B&B-AGEMA provides services for aerothermal and thermomechanical evaluations of these components and can supply improvement solutions.

B&B-AGEMA offers its engineering services and expert knowledge for design, calculation and improvement of power plant major components as the following examples show:

Fluid Flow & Heat Transfer

Structural Mechanics

Combustion Simulation