ACF2D - Axial Compressor Design Tool

AixCompFlow 2D (ACF2D) is a design software and tool based on a streamline curvature method for analysis and design of multi-stage axial compressors. It combines the special expert knowledge and adapted compressor profile correlations to a highly efficient and reliable design tool with special focus on axial compressors for heavy duty and industrial gas turbines for electric power generation.

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TDT - Thermodynamic Design Tool

The TDT-software (Thermodynamic Design Tool) is an easy to use and efficient tool for analyzing, designing and dimensioning of thermodynamic processes.
It comprises process media based on NIST Refprop (there are more than 100 fluids and numerous mixtures available; such as air, water/steam, CO2, hydrogen, common alkanes and refrigerants or mixtures composed of them), whose change in state is calculated taking into account real gas effects. The thermodynamic process sequences can be visualized and scaled by common diagrams (e.g. h-s, T-s, p-T) and calculated values are precisely listed in tables.

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Borescope Technology

B&B-AGEMA has over 20 years of experience in borescope design for industrial and heavy duty gas turbine applications. From short-term monitoring of the combustion processes in a gas turbine combustor during experimental testing phase to the permanent in-service-monitoring of turbine stator vanes, B&B-AGEMA provides borescopes to cover a wide application range.

  • Temperatures up to 1470°C
  • Pressures up to 24 bar
  • VIS and IR spectrum
  • Modular Design
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