Fluid Flow & Heat Transfer

Fluid Flow & Heat Transfer

The application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software is a modern and powerful investigation method of complex realistic flows in order to achieve the understanding of flow phenomena. Therefore, such modern tools are today a reliable basis for optimization of configurations with respect to the flow path and associated pressure losses, aerothermal mixing of fluids and combined flow and heat transfer. B&B-AGEMA uses such modern software and tools and offers services on following topics:

  • 3-D flow analysis in the fields of power technology, especially in oil & gas technology
  • 3-D flow analysis of vehicles including ventilation
  • 3-D flow analysis in the surrounding area of buildings
  • combustion simulation
  • two-phase flow simulation, gas mixtures
  • flow in exhaust gas channels
  • simulation of free surfaces
  • condensation and evaporation
  • flow in cooling channels

Centrifugal Industrial Gas Compressor Upgrade

Re-engineering of a gas compressor:

  • Thermodynamic cycle and process analysis:
    • In-house process tools to evaluate stage conditions
    • Commercial tools for validation and stage fine turning
  • Aerodynamic design:
    • Commercial 3D-CFD for new and upgrade design of flow path
    • Real gas & multiphase CFD simulation of compressors
    • 3D impeller design improvements based on CFD
  • Mechanical design:
    • Structural investigations on the impeller, volute, housing, ...
    • Rotor dynamics
    • Vibration and Eigen mode analysis
  • Design Process
    • Automated Design Workflow with integrated design parameter optimization (e.g. cycle optimization, geometry optimization)
    • Managed in HEEDS MDO: an automated design workflow has been established with connection and interaction of several software packages



Unsteady Flow Simulation of a Gas Turbine Rim Sealing Configuration

  • Full annulus CFD-simulation of one turbine stage including rim sealing
  • Static and transient simulation to analyse interaction between main flow and rim sealing flow