Fluid Flow & Heat Transfer

Our engineering team uses the latest Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools and methodologies to determine product configurations and perform optimizations, cost and weight reductions, life predictions, system performance evaluations, and failure investigations of mechanical systems.

The application of CFD software is a modern and powerful investigation method of complex realistic flows in order to achieve the understanding of flow phenomena. Therefore, such modern tools are a reliable basis for optimization of configurations with respect to the flow path and associated pressure losses, aerothermal mixing of fluids and combined flow and heat transfer. Examples of our previous work concerning flow analyses can be found here.

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Structural Mechanics

DEMO-Text B&B-AGEMA performs all stages of the design process from the initial specifications and feasibility study to test ...

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Every client, project and application, comes with a specific set of constraints, requiring a different solution. Our approach for each project begins with a detailed discussion of the specific challenges, expectations, and the desired outcome. This allows our engineering experts to help our customers define technical requirements and select the type of machine and data needed for optimal equipment design and analysis efficiency. Based on the results of these discussions we are able to compose technical specifications for project development.

Once technical specifications have been defined, preliminary designs and feasibility studies can begin to determine the viability of a project, idea or system. Based on the initial project requirements, our engineers will help to determine the most relevant machine configurations, parameters, arrangements, operating conditions, and design constraints.


B&B-AGEMA works in close collaboration with internal and external experts to give you the best solutions for your problems

Engineering Applications

Additive Manufacturing of an Advanced Cooling Blade Design

  • LP turbine blade for aero engine applications
  • Complex cooling scheme manufacturable with advanced AM technology