Using simulation to revolutionize hydrogen-powered aircraft design

SIEMENS Digital Industries Software and B&B-AGEMA Webinar (58 min)

The civil aviation sector is working to reduce its climate impact by finding alternatives to conventional kerosene-based aircraft, with hydrogen being a promising option. The European Commission aims for carbon neutrality by 2050, and sustainable aviation fuels are also being investigated. However, hydrogen has economic advantages over alternative fuels. With the help of Simcenter simulation technologies, it’s possible to model and simulate the performance of regional aircraft using various fuels and propulsion systems and evaluate the results. Additionally, by utilizing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and large eddy simulation (LES), we can develop and implement new combustion methods based on precise design and geometric tuning. This helps overcome challenges related to hydrogen usage.

Webinar topics

This webinar will cover:

  • Why there’s increasing interest in hydrogen
  • Preliminary modeling and simulation of hydrogen-propelled regional aircraft thanks to Simcenter system simulation technology
  • Zero carbon emission perspective for gas turbines and aero engines and why this could pose challenges
  • Fundamentals of micromix combustion for hydrogen as a totally new idea to overcome challenges with inherent safety and operational readiness
  • LES hydrogen combustion simulation of a micromix burner using CFD simulation technology
  • Application examples


Erik Munktell (Siemens Digital Industries Software - Simcenter Solution Manager for Aircraft Engine)

Stéphane Mouvand (Siemens Digital Industries Software - Aerospace Business Development Manager, Simcenter System Simulation)

Constantin Striegan (B&B-AGEMA - Development Engineer, Software / Combustion Simulation Expert)


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