Project SAWES Update!

See the technology behind our new SAW Temperature Sensor

Everyone who ever planed or executed a temperature measurement in a real gas turbine knows that this is a real headache - especially if parts need to be replaced quickly (e.g. for testing different combustors). The extreme effort for instrumentation and the permanently squeezed development times for Turbomachines (Industrial GT and Aero Engines) limit the number of design variants that can be tested or increases the costs of the measurement campaign; which is anyway quite expensive.
This is putting us as engineers under high pressure.

In order to solve this problem and gather more data - especially for rotating components - B&B-AGEMA is developing a new mobile wireless temperature measurement system for rough environments, based on Microwaves (Surface Acoustic Wave Technology, SAW).

- Temperatures up to 600 °C for dynamic measurements (under centrifugal load)
- Temperatures up to 900 °C for static measurements (e.g. for combustor liners)
- Highly reflective Environments
- High number of sensors
- Long term monitoring

If you want to find out more about project SAWES you can find detailed information on our funded research and at our product site

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