Green hydrogen as future fuel

Green hydrogen as future fuel

We all see an extreme increase in attention for green hydrogen as future fuel. Around the world, companies are preparing their machines for large-scale but also decentralized electricity generation via hydrogen combustion in modern gas turbines. Quickly, they were able to fire up to around 30%vol H2 with only minor adjustments.

1. 30 %Vol. just means 5% Mass when mixed with Methane! – almost nothing! Even 60%Vol. means just around 15%Mass!
2. At typical fuel-air ratios (e.g. Lambda 2.3) the turbulent flame speed starts to rapidly increase at around 35-40 %Vol.-H2, not before, and reaches its maximum already at around 70%Vol.-H2. This can cause flashbacks and immediately destroy the combustor.

The challenge is consequently not to burn hydrogen in generals, but to burn considerable fractions of 90 %Vol (50 %Mass) of green hydrogen at low emissions, without water/steam admixture, and to strictly fulfill safety, emission, pressure drop, and lifetime requirements inside the gas turbine!

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