Presentation on Simcenter Conference - Americas,

15.-17. October 2018, Detroit, USA

“Design Exploration of High Efficient Steam Turbine Airfoils”


    The design of steam turbines is often addicted to individual industrial processes or a power plant environments. In both application scenarios a high efficient design solution of the steam turbine is required, which also considers a high degree of individualization of the turbine.

    A design exploration process has been development for an automated design process of the airfoils and the flow path of high and intermediate pressure steam turbines. Thereby 1- and 2-dimensional design codes are used for the pre-design whereas the 3D design investigations are based on CFD simulations with STARCCM+. The generation of the 3D flow paths is done in Siemens NX based on profile coordinates provided by an profile generator code. All the different software tools are connected and managed within HEEDS mdo.

    In order to achieve high efficient airfoils the 1D-, 2D- and 3D-design loops are optimized by usage of the implemented optimization capabilities of Heeds. Within the presentation the process chain will be shown and demonstrated on the example of multi stage IP steam turbine.

Presenter: René Braun, Technical Manager