Presentation on International Symposium on Pump and Fan Technology,

26.-28. September 2018, Shenyang, China

“Increase of Automation and Optimization Degree

in the Design Exploration of Axial Turbomachinery”


    The degree of automation in the design process of turbomachinery components such as flow paths, bladings, cooling structures and others is aimed to be increased step by step. Due to the increase of the automation degree, the design processes are enhanced with respect to the development times of new, upgraded or individual solutions. By application of optimization routines and algorithms the design space for design exploration can be extended and high efficient design can be developed.

    Within this presentation a design process for the development of high efficient axial flow paths will be presented. Within the process an automated process from 1D cycle calculations up to a complete 3D flow path design will be shown. Different software tools (in-hose based and commercials) are controlled and managed by an automated approach with the aim to achieve specified design targets. As an example the design of a high efficient axial steam turbine flow path will be given.

    The focus of the presentation is given on the process approach, which presented status is applicable for the design of axial flow paths for turbines and compressors. As it is developed on modular software basis, technology related design tools can be exchanged or integrated individually and thus, the approach can be adjusted to be implemented in the design exploration of radial machines like pumps centrifugal compressors as well.

Presenter: René Braun, Technical Manager