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1 Univ.- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Bohn, Director a.D., IDG + LVS (Institut für Dampf- und Gasturbinen, RWTH Aachen University)
2 KHI, Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Japan)
3 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Funke, FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Haj Ayed, A.:
Development and Automated Design Exploration of a Novel Dry Low NOx Hydrogen Combustion Technology for Gas Turbine Applications
Optimize This! 2016, International HEEDS Conference, Dearborn (MI), October 2016
Haj Ayed, A.:
Design Exploration with CFD for Better Dry Low NOx Hydrogen GT Combustors
CD-adapco Webinar, June 2016
Kusterer, K.:
Advanced Design Capabilities for Innovative Cooling Systems of Highest-efficient Industrial Gas Turbines
Star Korean Conference, Seoul, June 2016
Lin, G., Kusterer, K., Tanaka, R.2, Bohn, D.1:
Innovative Turbine Cooling and low NOx Combustion Designs for Industrial Gas Turbines
The STAR Chinese Conference 2016, Hangzhou, China, June 2016
Lin, G., Kusterer, K., Visser, W., Bohn, D.1:
Invited to speak at the 5th Annual NexTurbine Conference, Shanghai, China, June 2016
Kusterer, K., Bühler, P., Lin, G., Sugimoto, T.2, Bohn, D.1, Tanaka, R.2, Kazari, R.2:
Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis of a Blade Leading Edge Cooling Configuration Using Double Swirl Chambers
ASME-paper GT2016-56937, ASME Turbo Expo 2016, Seoul, South Korea, June 2016
Kusterer, K., Dickhoff, J., Campana, N.T., Sugimoto, T.2, Tanaka, R.2, Kazari, M.2, Bohn, D.1:
Automated Design Space Exploration of Advancded-Shaped Film Cooling Holes using the Sherpa Algorithm
ASME-paper GT2016-56194, ASME Turbo Expo 2016, Seoul, South Korea, June 2016
Kusterer, K., Dickhoff, J., Braun, R., Ryozo, T.2, Taniguchi, T.2, Bohn, D.1:
Conjugate Heat Transfer Simulations for a Film Cooled Nozzle Guide Vane of a High-efficiency, Industrial Gas Turbine
ISROMAC 2016, ISROMAC2016-83, Hawaii, Honolulu, April 2016