Failure Analyses
Premature failure of power plant components often leads to longer unscheduled outages causing severe financial penalties. Especially in case of new parts, a thorough failure analysis and failure root cause investigation are of highest importance for the identification and remedial of failure roots, so as to establish sufficient operation reliability. B&B-AGEMA combines the expert knowledge and long experience in turbo machinery and power plant technologies, the access to the wide metallurgic knowledge and modern laboratories of its partners at Aachen University and the application of modern computational methods to offer comprehensive and accurate failure analyses and to develop case specific solutions and design improvements. Thereby, focus is on assuring highest service life and reliability of all power plant's components. The services of B&B-AGEMA include for example:
  • Failure documentation and on site inspection
  • Assessment and evaluation of part's loading and expected service life
  • Assessment of the influence of certain flow situations on mechanical integrity
  • Analyses and evaluation of excitation risks and causes
  • Verification of operational data and evaluation of operational history
  • Metallurgic analyses of crack surfaces
  • Metallurgic analyses of material structures
  • Evaluation of manufacturing and material quality
  • Analyses of the chemical composition of materials
  • Investigation of coatings
  • Elaboration of expertise reports
  • Development and valuation of repair concepts and/or design improvement concepts