Steam Turbines - Mechanical Design and Analysis

B&B-AGEMA utilizes modern FEA techniques to investigate steam turbine and power plant components in terms of mechanical integrity. Detailed modelling ensures a realistic and trustworthy result, which allows the determination of accurate life predictions and other parameters.

A wide range of mechanical analyses are provided by B&B-AGEMA. Steady state as well as transient investigations - including e.g. low cycle fatigue and creep effects - of steam turbine components are routinely performed in the company. Based on the results of those sophisticated calculations, B&B-AGEMA is able to derive strategies to consult with their clients on how to improve and optimize the structural design of a component or increase the residual life of an already operating part.

Furthermore, accurate calculations of relative thermal expansion and clearances between stationary and rotating steam turbine components in hot operating condition are helpful in order to enhance aerodynamic performance by minimizing gaps while simultaneously ensuring safe operation for all conditions. Modal analyses are performed in order to investigate the dynamic vibration behavior of parts and assemblies in terms of high cycle fatigue and forced response phenomena.

For all topics related to steam turbine and power plant design, B&B-AGEMA is supported by senior experts, who have gained tremendous experience in their leading and fully responsible positions at their respective companies.

Example: Structural and modal analyses for assessment of mechanical integrity of steam turbine blades

Example: Transient FEA for life assessment of steam turbine components

Example: Relative thermal expansion and hot condition clearance calculation