The Process Analysis Tool
B&B-AGEMA performs analyses of thermodynamic processes, provides complete assessment studies for failure analyses or status evaluation of power plant and/or gas turbine processes and develops proposals regarding failure removal and/or improvement potentials. Here, the own-developed process simulation tool AixPAT is applied. The process modelling and analysis tool AixPAT is a powerful, efficient and reliable tool for the calculation of thermodynamic processes, which has been developed to meet all specific modelling requirements for highly accurate representation of power plant processes.

It provides the ability to represent the processes in more detail and more deeply than common commercial or manufacturer tools, due to the possibility to incorporate real machine operating behaviour and results from modern 2-D and 3-D simulation software. Of course also individually programmed modules doe the analyses of the customer's power plant can be included.

With AixPAT not only power plant processes can be represented and evaluated in their entity, but it also provides the possibility to simulate and evaluate single thermodynamic process, e.g. gas turbine processes, in detail. A particular advantage of AixPAT is the precise and efficient consideration of thermodynamic Interactions between individual prcoesses within a power plant or a thermodynamic system. Thereby, especially the influence of modification or upgrading concepts on the entire process can be investigated and optimized very efficiently. Moreover, AixPAt provides the possibility to realize and localize retrofit potentials as well as to verify and evaluate manufacturer garantees.

The program is continuously further developed by B&B-AGEMA and has successfully applied within numerous process evaluation projects.

Modelling of a recuperated gas turbine process including intercooling with AixPAT: